Vinyl Decal Installation Kit with Rapid Tac Application Fluid, Squeegee & Knife

Krieger Graphics


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Krieger Graphics Vinyl Decal Application Kit

  • Rapid Tac Application Fluid 4oz Sprayer
  • Steel Utility Knife with Snap Blade
  • Blue Hard Application Squeegee with Felt Tip

  • Rapid Tac Instructions:

    Makes vinyl installations faster and easier, aids in application without bubbles, allows for re-positioning of graphics, and bonds in as little as 90 seconds when squeegeed.

    Step 1. Clean surface thoroughly with soap and water then with Rapid Tac and a kitchen paper towel. Do not use other cleaners or solvents afterwards. 

    Step 2. Spray surface again with Rapid Tac. Peel backing off decal and place on wet surface. 

    Step 3. Position decal. Use squeegee to remove fluid by working from the center out to the edges in all directions with moderate force.

    Step 4. Wait 2-3 minutes. Saturate paper cover tape if any, then remove paper tape. Wipe surface with paper towel.